Taste the delicious Indian food with The Food Tour

Our main Aim is to connect travelers with locals through Indian food, culture, and traditions. 

In October 2016 we started with our mission to introduce India’s local flavor to the world and help visitors “eat like a Local”. We launched Food Tours to let visitors from all over the world experience the ultimate food and cultural exploration. Besides tasting delicious food, all participants will learn fascinating history and rich culture in neighborhoods, sharing from the true insider. 


The busiest of all places, Old Jaipur, (PinkCity) is somewhat serene in the mornings. The quietness of the place, however, speaks volumes. With lonely lanes and less people around, the walk across this area will take you back to the black and white era. in the morning can make anyone crave for a walk, not only because of the tranquil experience, but to relish the most eclectic menu served at this place.

The beauty of an early walk relies upon savouring the delectable dishes available only in the mornings. Much of them include Bedmi Pooris – a puffy, hefty, deep-fried puri-like bread made of wheat flour, spices, and dal, which is served with a spicy aloo sabzi, or potato curry; Paneer Pakoda – huge cubes of cottage cheese immersed in a flour batter, and then deep fried; Nahari – a sumptuous non-vegetarian dish cooked overnight with hot curry spices; Paaye – with soup like consistency, Paaye is considered to be a royal food, made of goat’s trotters and is usually eaten for breakfast.

Sweets usually made of milk and milk solids are served hot in the mornings, some of which include Jalebi,Moong dal halwa – split green gram dal, further pounded, roasted, and mixed well with sugar, milk and milk solids; Gulab Jamun a dessert, similar to a dumpling, made of milk, sugar and milk solids, taken along with sugar syrup; Kheer – a rice pudding made of milk and sugar, garnished beautifully with dry fruits.

Besides this, the trail has many more dishes to serve you with.

Tour for taste has gained expertise, having explored the lanes over a walk, and is cognizant of what suits the non-Indian stomach the best and thus you will often be asked by the hosts to avoid certain food items too. Rest assured, mates!



  • Experience local daily evening life
  • Tastes the local cuisines that have been served to locals for 20+ years in Rajapark neighborhood coming from all parts, regions of India, Indo-chinese and Nepal
  • Support local communities in a unique and entertaining way
  • Master the art of how to order food from street carts
  • Try 12+ dishes from savory, BBQ’s, sweets

​What’s Included

  • An amazingly delicious and 100% local experience
  • More than eight authentic tasting locations and over twelve delicious food and drink samples (enough for really big Dinner)
  • Experienced, friendly and entertaining local food lover
  • Fun & informative guided walking tour, including a temple visit.
Cost: 21 USD/- INR PER: PAX.
Pick Up & Drop To Hotel
Time: Everyday
Minimum: 2 person 
Maximum: 10


There are several views about the origin of the word Kebab. It may have been derived from the Arabic word Kab, which means a turning movement and cabob, meaning a piece of meat, fish, poultry or vegetable, so that the fusion of these two words led to kebab. The Arabic word possibly derives from the Aramaic, Kabbaba, which probably has its origins in Kababu meaning ‘to burn or char’. Whatever the etymology, there are countless varieties of Kebabs in Jaipur. This Kebab Trail will take you across Jaipur to relish the delicious, succulent, and exquisitely spiced kebabs which has experienced a long journey and many incarnations.

Duratation : 3 hour Tour
included : Guide Fee + Sightseeing + Eating street food +Drink local Tea

Price : 24 USD/Person / Group tour of 2 to 10 people – Included

1. Pick up and drop

2. English speaking guide drivers

3. Sifgtseeing fees

4. All street food taste

( Included 6 different street food dishes + local drink Everyday departure time at : 6:00 PM, 9:00 PM and 18h00 at Your hotel or Our Office )